Having a wireless HP printer can reduce a lot of your workload, but to get the most out of your printer you must know how to install an HP wireless printer on Android phones. This HP printer setup guide will tell you exactly that.

Devices and Information Required

  • Bluetooth enabled Android device connected to a network
  • Wireless HP printer which is turned on
  • Working internet connection
  • Password or access key of your Wi-Fi router

How to Install HP Printer on an Android Device

Step 1: Install HP Smart App on your android phone

  1. Open ‘123.hp.com’ on your phone and click on ‘Get the App’ to install HP Smart app.Open HP Site
  2. After installation, run HP Smart. In welcome screen select the checkbox and click on ‘Start’.Start HP Smart

HP Smart will only detect printer connected to the same network as your Android phone. So, make sure your printer and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi router and that your printer is on setup mode. However, if your printer has been turned on for more than 2 hours, then you will have to reset the HP printer network settings manually.

Step 2: Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi Router

A) For printers without touch display

Press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button for 5 seconds or until the wireless light blinks.

Light blinkB) For printers with touch display

Use ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ to connect your printer to the network.

Manual connect

C) Setup Wi-Fi Router

Within 2 minutes of manually connecting your printer, press, and hold, the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button on your router for 5 seconds.WiFi setup If you have followed the above-mentioned steps properly, then by now your printer will be on the network or setup mode.

Step 3: Install printer using HP Smart App via Wi-Fi Router

  1. Open HP Smart App. Tap the ‘+’ sign.Add Printer
  2. This App will search for and detect the printers, which are connected to the same network as your Android phone.
  3. Now, select your printer from the listed printers. If your printer is not listed, then tap on ‘Add Printer’ for adding your printer.Printer Add
  4. If prompted, enter the wireless network password and then tap ‘Continue’.Continue
  5. The HP Smart App will find the printer, prepare it for the connection, obtain its IP address, and finish the connection automatically. Once the printer is successfully connected to the network tap ‘Continue’.Home Network Set
  6. If your printer hardware is not properly setup, then you will be instructed to do that. Just follow the prompts.

The HP Print Service Plugin must be installed to use the HP Smart App. If you have not installed HP Print Service Plugin, then you will be prompted by the HP Smart App to install this plugin. If you have this Plugin installed on your Android phone, then you will be told to enable it.

Step 4: Install HP Print Service Plugin in the end

  1. When prompted to install HP Print Service Plugin, tap ‘Continue’.Plugin
  2. This will take you to Google Play Store page for HP Print Service Plugin. Follow the prompts to install your plugin. If HP Plugin is already installed on your phone, then you will have to just enable it.

Enable Plugin

That’s it. You are ready to print anything from your android phone.

Now you know how to install an HP printer on Android phones. Follow the steps mentioned above carefully to get proper results.

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