Usually the users who are searching for latest HP LaserJet P1500 driver download package are the ones who have either damaged their HP LaserJet P1500 software CD or have lost it. In this post, we are offering HP Laser Jet p1500 Series driver download link for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2016, Server 2000 to 2008 for 32 bit 64 bit versions, Linux and various Mac operating systems.
hp laserjet p1500 software


Start by choosing your preferred operating system in our list, and then, click on the download link associated with your OS to download your HP LaserJet P1500 driver setup file. You can use the comments section of this page to ask your queries regarding the driver download process. We will answer all your queries as soon as possible.

Most printer issues come from missing or corrupt drivers. You can use an automated driver updater to quickly fix problems and keep your system up to date. We recommend downloading DriverFix.

HP LaserJet P1500 driver for Windows


Supported OS Size Download
HP LaserJet P1500 Printer Series Full Feature Driver and software v8.0

  • Windows XP 32-bit  / 64bit
  • Windows Vista 32-bit / 64bit
  • Windows 7 32-bit / 64bit
  • Windows server 2000 32-bit
  • Windows server 2003 32-bit
163.3 MB Download
HP P1500 LaserJet Basic Driver v20130415 (Hostbased Plug and Play)

  • Windows 8 32-bit / 64bit
  • Windows 8.1 32-bit / 64bit
  • Windows 10 32-bit / 64bit
3.4 MB Download
HP Laser Jet P1500 Basic Driver v20130415 (Hostbased Plug and Play)

  • Windows 8 32-bit / 64bit
  • Windows 8.1 32-bit / 64bit
  • Windows 10 32-bit / 64bit
3.9 MB Download
HP LaserJet XPS P1560 Series Driver Update

  • Windows server 2008 64-bit / R2
5.1 MB Download
Drivee is not available for following OS.

  • Windows server 2003 64-bit
  • Windows server 2008 32-bit
  • Windows server 2012 32-bit / 64 bit / R2
  • Windows server 2016 32-bit / 64 bit / R2

We recommend you to use previous version OS driver package and install it in compatibility mode. For an example, use Windows 7 driver for Server 2008 OS. And use Windows 10 driver for Server 2016 OS.

Not Available

HP LaserJet P1500 driver for Linux

Supported OS Size Download
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Unix
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Mandriva Linux
  • Red Hat
  • SUSE Linux

Not Available

Click here to know more about how to install HP laser P1500 printer on Linux OS.

HP LaserJet P1500 driver for Mac

Supported OS Size Download
HP LaserJet P1500 Full Feature driver and software v1.0.6

  • Mac OS X Panther 10.3
  • Macintosh OS X Tiger 10.4
  • Mac OS X Leopard 10.5
10.1 MB Download
Driver is not available for following OS.

  • Mac OS 8
  • Apple Mac OS 9
  • Mac OS X
  • Mac OS Server
  • Mac OS X Puma 10.1
  • Mac OS X Jaguar 10.2
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6
  • Mac OS X Lion 10.7
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
  • Apple Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9
  • Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
  • Mac OS X IE Capitan 10.11
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
Not Available



You may download the same drivers directly from HP LaserJet P1500 official download page


Searching the right driver of this printer on HP website can take a lot of time and effort. However, here, you get the same full feature HP LaserJet P1500 PCL 5c / pcl 5e / pcl 6 printer driver free download in just a few clicks. All our download links are of official HP website and of fully compatible HP drivers for given operating systems.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows Vista 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 7 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 8 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 8.1 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 10 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2003 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2012 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2016 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux


Each operating system may have a different method of driver installation. You can read about this method in the installation guide of your printer driver. Doing this ensures that you get the best performance of your printer driver because it’s installed in the right way. Click here to know more about of how to install HP Laserjet P1500 printer on windows based computer.


Conflicts among driver files must be avoided if you want to get best performance of your driver and your device. Therefore, you should uninstall all the old drivers from your computer which are no longer required for the functioning of any device.


For proper functioning of your printer it’s important that your computer should be able to communicate properly with your printer. Regularly updating your printer driver is one way of ensuring this. That’s because every new version of a printer driver has lesser bugs than its older version.


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