Laser vs Inkjet printer

Laser Printer vs Inkjet Comparison | Main Differences

Since the invention of the first electronic printer by Epson in 1968, printing technologies have taken a huge leap, which have made printers more...
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What is Fuser in Laser Printer and How We Can Clean It?

You can find fuser roller in every laser printer. After continuous use this fuser assembly gets dirty, which can adversely affect the quality of...
HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

Best A3 Color All-In-One Printer for Office Use

The popularity of A3 size printers has grown considerably in recent years. This has primarily happened due to increase in consumer demand and improvement...
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Is Laser Printer Harmful for Health?

Laser printers have always been the first choice for mid-sized and large businesses, but as their prices are declining they are becoming more popular...

How to Pick a Right Printer for Home (Essential Info)

Printing is becoming a common task that most computer users perform on a regular basis. Also, now a days printers are able to perform...