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Printer Installation Manually 5 Add a Local Printer

How to install printer driver manually using its basic driver on Windows

In this article, we are going to explain how to install printer driver manually in Windows 10. Sometimes the printer doesn't get installed properly...
change 920 ink cartrdige

How to Change / Replace Ink Cartridge of HP Deskjet 920c Printer

Follow the following animation's steps to replace / change the Ink cartridges for the HP 920c printer.
Word cannot print error

How to Fix ‘Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer...

When we encounter a printer error the first thing that comes into our mind is that our printer has developed some problem itself. However,...
connect printer to router

How to Connect a Wireless Printer through WiFi Router or Modem

Wireless printing is an extremely useful feature which is provided by many printers now a days. This function allows you to print from any...

How to Troubleshoot a USB Printer Connection

In this article we are going to explain how to Troubleshoot a USB Printer Connection. If your computer is unable to find your printer during installation...
install hp printer on iphone thumbnail

How to Install HP Printer on an iPhone

To get the maximum efficiency of your HP wireless printer you must know the proper way to install HP printer on iPhone. Therefore, we...
printer in an error state

How to Fix ‘Printer in an Error State’ problem (Tested Solution)

In this article, we are going to explain how to fix Printer in Error state. You can fix this error in a few simple...
power comparison

Laser Printer vs Inkjet Printer Power Consumption Comparison

Printing costs are an important factor that most users consider before buying a printer. Printing costs consists of multiple things, but power consumption cost...

How to fix Print Spooler Service not working issue in Windows 10?

How to fix Print Spooler Service not working issue in Windows 10? If you are unable to print because the print spooler service keeps stopping...
printer driver install through Windows update step5

How to Install a Printer Driver through Windows Update

Installing a printer driver through Windows Update is not a difficult task. You can do it easily by following the below steps. Here in...