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How To Clean Print Head / Nozzle through its Software | Head & Nozzle...

If your Epson printer is prints blur, fainted or unclear print out, then it’s quite possible that the nozzles of your printer's print head...

How to Clean Print-Head / Nozzle / Ink Cartridge

If your Epson printer starts printing faint or incomplete prints, then most probably its print head nozzles are clogged-up. This is a common problem...
Fax through computer

How to Fax from Computer? (Simple Steps)

Believe it or not, faxes are still used for communication by some businesses and government agencies. However, spending money on fax machines only to...

How to Check a Computer’s IP Address? (What is my IP Address)

Each computer has a unique address assigned to it when it communicates with any other device on a network. This unique address is like...

How To Uninstall Recently Installed Windows Update KBs? (Undo Windows Update)

Windows periodically provides automatic updates so that your Windows device can perform smoothly and securely. These updates are installed automatically so that you don’t...

How to check printer driver version and its release date

Updating the driver of your printer with its latest version is always recommended by computer experts. However, many users don’t know how to check...
set up hp printer on android cover image

How to Install HP Wireless Printer on Android (Simple Steps)

Having a wireless HP printer can reduce a lot of your workload, but to get the most out of your printer you must know...
stop print spooler service

How to Start / Stop Print Spooler Service in Windows (Easy way)

A step-by-step tutorial to restart your print spooler service. The function of the printer spooler on your computer is to act as storage where multiple...
power comparison

Laser Printer vs Inkjet Printer Power Consumption Comparison

Printing costs are an important factor that most users consider before buying a printer. Printing costs consists of multiple things, but power consumption cost...
install hp printer on iphone thumbnail

How to Install HP Printer on an iPhone

To get the maximum efficiency of your HP wireless printer you must know the proper way to install HP printer on iPhone. Therefore, we...