In this article, we are going to explain how to improve print quality of a printer. Sometimes printer prints very light-colored print or low-quality print. The photocopy produced by the printer is not as dark as the original page. It happens due to some changes in printer settings. You can easily improve the quality of the print by changing some settings in your printer.

Sometimes, this low print-quality issue may occur time-to-time as the printer goes old laser printer or in Inkjet printer. In this article, I’ll show you how to increase the print quality in HP, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Lexmark, Canon printers.

The print quality may be getting low overall or when you print from a particular software like PDF, in MS word, in photoshop, image quality for printing, photo quality, increase print quality, while printing.

Print quality is very low, how to Improve it

How to Improve Print Quality (Step-by-step Guide)

We are sharing step-by-step instructions how to increase printing quality. Please follow the following steps.

Way 1: Make darken the print quality in settings

  1. Turn on your printer. It will show you Ready on the screen.
  2. Now press “OK” to go to the Main menu then to the Copy Setup → Default Quality.
  3. Now press OK again and this screen appears:
  4. Press OK again, this time to go into Default Quality. 
  5. Now use arrow buttons to select Text in Default quality, you will see other options like picture, draft etc.
  6. Press Ok when you see Text on the screen.
  7. When the Text is selected. Press Ok again (twice) to see this screen again:
  8. Now press Right arrow button once and you will see Def. Light/dark
  9. Press Ok and you will see this screen

On this Screen use arrow buttons to select darkness, take the black dot to 5th or 6th point using the right arrow and then press ok to confirm it.

Now try to print. This should improve the quality of the print.

If this option doesn’t work or you find it too lengthy to follow you can simply restore settings to default.

Way 2: Restore to default settings

  1. Start your Printer and Press OK to go to Main menu.
  2. Now press right arrow button multiple times until you see Service:
  3. Press ok and you will see Restore defaults :
  4. Now press Ok twice and printer will take some time to restore to defaults. It will restart and initialize.

Now your printer settings are restored to default. Now print anything and compare the quality of the print to old prints, you should see improvement.

Thank you.

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