The invention of ink tank technology has completely revolutionized the world of the inkjet printer industry. Inkjet users no longer have to pay for expensive ink cartridges because bottled ink (Ink Tank) has reduced consumable costs by up to 90%. Understanding today’s needs, HP has entered the rapidly expanding ink tank printer market with a variety of models designed for home and business use. In this guide, we will study the wide-range of HP ink tank printers to determine the best HP ink tank printers for home users.


best hp inktank printers

Ink tank printers are the best choice for users who want to print high volume of pages on a regular basis. Ink tank technology not only reduces the cost of printing, but also reduces the time and effort associated with regular replacement of ink cartridges. Therefore, even the users who print documents on a daily basis can opt for these type of printers as it will save them from the frustration of replacing ink cartridges on a weekly or monthly basis.

Types of HP Ink Tank Printers

There are primarily two types for ink tank printers provided by the HP. These categories can be easily differentiated by looking at the placement of ink tanks in the HP printer.

  1. Smart Tank Printers: In a Smart Tank printer the ink tanks are adjusted inside the main body of the printer. This reduces the size of the printer making it compact and easy to place in confined work spaces. Also, the transparent ink tanks of these printers makes it easy to monitor the ink levels.
  2. Ink Tank Printers: In an Ink Tank printer the tanks are attached on one side of the printer’s main body. This makes the printer look bulky and takes up extra work space. The ink tanks in this printer are transparent, but the design may look awkward. Also, these printers have a lower price.

Both these ink tank printers are easy to refill and are bundled with a lot of features and functionalities to improve their productivity.

Here’s the Top 5 HP Ink Tank Printers List

We have carefully chosen the best HP ink tank printers so that you can choose the most appropriate device for your work requirement. There are certain features that are present in all the ink tank printers of the HP, such as ink refilling in all the printers is completely hassle-free and spill-free. All the ink tanks are transparent, which makes it easy to monitor their ink levels in real-time. The HP ink used in these printers is of high-quality which delivers long-lasting prints with vibrant colors. The ink tank system used in these HP printers is capable of delivering up to 8,000 to 15,000 prints depending upon the ink color and page coverage.

1) HP Ink Tank 319 all-in-one

ink tank

Despite being the entry level color ink tank printer from the HP this all-in-one offers a lot of features at an affordable price. The print quality of this printer is impressive and it supports USB connectivity, which means you can easily connect it with most computing devices available today. Due to its ink tank technology this printer allows you to print high volumes of pages at very low cost per page. The paper tray capacity of this multi-function machine is very low at up to 60 pages.


  • Low purchase price
  • Performs print, scan and copy functions
  • Supports USB connectivity
  • Supports border-less printing


  • Doesn’t support wireless connectivity
  • Scan and copy quality not impressive

2) HP Ink Tank 419 all-in-one

ink tank

This inkjet printer is the entry level ink tank printer from the HP which supports wireless connectivity. Therefore, you can easily connect this all-in-one with your wireless router network and send print, scan and copy commands from the other devices on your wireless network. Also, using its support for the HP Smart App you can send commands directly from your smartphone. Apart from this feature most of the other features offered by the HP 419 are same as that of the HP 319.


  • Performs print, scan and copy functions
  • Supports wireless connectivity and HP Smart App
  • High paper tray capacity of up to 100 pages


  • Slow scanning and copying
  • Can’t print directly from the USB drive

3) HP Smart Tank 516 all-in-one

smart tank

This smart tank all-in-one from the HP offers many features to improve your work experience. This multi-function color inkjet printer supports wireless connectivity along with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Therefore, you can easily connect and operate this machine by using most of the wired and wireless devices available today.


  • Performs print, scan and copy functions
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB
  • Supports HP Smart App, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print
  • Integrated ink tanks and compact design


  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi Direct
  • Doesn’t have Auto Document Feeder

4) HP Smart Tank 530 all-in-one

smart tank

The HP Smart Tank 530 all-in-one is the most advanced printing machine provided for home users by the HP. This all-in-one supports USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity. Using its Wi-Fi Direct connectivity feature you can connect this MFP directly with your smartphone without a wireless router. Also, the dual band Wi-Fi support of this printer ensures that you can connect it to a wider range of wireless devices. This multi-function machine is bundled with Automatic Document Feeder feature, which means you can perform print, scan and copy functions without being physically around this device. This HP all-in-one also has a 2.2 inch touchscreen display panel.


  • Performs print, scan and copy functions
  • Supports dual band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact design due to inbuilt ink tanks
  • 2.2 inch touchscreen display
  • Supports Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Can be connected to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz routers


  • High purchase price
  • Doesn’t support Duplex printing

5) HP Ink Tank 315 printer

ink tank 315If none of the above mentioned ink tank printers fit your budget, then the best choice for you is the HP Ink Tank 315 printer. This machine doesn’t support scan and copy functions, which means it’s not an all-in-one. This monochrome inkjet printer is bundled with very basic features, but has a sleek design and high print quality.


  • Low purchase price
  • High ink tank capacity
  • Good print quality


  • Doesn’t perform scan and copy functions
  • Most basic printer features


The above-mentioned list of the best HP’s ink tank printers will surely help printer users who hate paying the high price of ink cartridges and are searching for an affordable and reliable printing device. We have taken special care to recommend devices from all budget categories and the ones which are known for their reliability and performance in their category. Therefore, before you go shopping for an HP ink tank printer or any other ink tank printer you must study our guide so that you can make a well-informed decision about how to spend your money.

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