The HP DeskJet 2622 all-in-one is preferred by users who want a simple to use and affordable printing machine which supports mobile printing. However, to get the best performance from this printer you must install it by using its appropriate drivers. Therefore, this download guide contains the latest HP DeskJet 2622 driver package download links along with their complete installation procedure.

The HP DeskJet 2622 is probably the most affordable wireless all-in-one printer from HP. This printer has a hassle-free setup and you can easily connect it to various types of wireless devices, like smartphones, tablets, etc. Due to HP Thermal Inkjet technology you get good quality prints at resolutions of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. In draft print mode, this printer can reach print speeds of up to 20 ppm for black and 5.5 ppm for color prints. This device also supports USB connectivity.

Here, we offer HP DeskJet 2622 driver download links for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It’s well known that the software CD drivers of a printer are the best drivers for that device, but with time these drivers get outdated and its recommended to upgrade them with their latest versions. The driver links we have shared below will give you access to the latest versions of the drivers for this HP multi-function printer.

Steps to Download HP DeskJet 2622 Driver

In the list of OS given below, we have mentioned all the operating systems supported by this all-in-one printer. From that list, choose the operating system where you want to install your printer. Next, use the download link associated with your OS to start the download of your HP DeskJet 2622 driver setup file.

Suppose one of our download links is not working properly or there is some other problem with the shared drivers, then just below we have also shared the link to the official support page of HP DeskJet 2622. You can use that link to visit the HP website and choose the driver you think is best suited for your requirements.

HP Deskjet 2622 Driver

Driver Download Links

  • HP DeskJet 2622 driver for Windows XP, Vista (32bit) Download (131.6 MB)
  • HP 2622 driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32bit / 64bit) Download (131.6 MB)
  • HP DeskJet 2622 driver for Mac OS 10.9 to 11.0 Download (9.1 MB)
  • HP DeskJet 2622 driver for Linux, Ubuntu (32bit / 64bit)Not Available


Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP and Windows 10 (32bit / 64bit)
  • Mac OS 10.9 to 11.0
  • Linux and Ubuntu

How to Install HP DeskJet 2622 Driver

Proper installation of a printer driver is extremely important for the efficient working of your printing device. To help you with this matter, we are sharing a printer driver installation guide below, which clearly describes the right method of installing a printer driver on various operating systems. The installation steps mentioned in our guide are simple to understand and will be equally useful for both new and experienced users.

The first link takes you to a page that describes the method of installing a printer driver without a software CD and by directly using a printer driver software package. While the second link takes you to a page that describes how you can install a basic printer driver manually on your computer.

Function of the 2622 Printer

The function of a printer driver is no longer limited to creating a communication channel between your computer and the printer. This is especially true for multi-function printers where multiple tasks are performed simultaneously. Such a process requires a driver to work in sync with several functions of that device. For this reason, you should choose your driver wisely and preferably you should go for the full feature version of the printer driver. Therefore, for this printer you should install the full feature HP DeskJet 2622 driver, which is a genuine HP driver and fully compatible with its associated operating systems.

Printer Driver Conflicts

Even if you download the right printer driver you have to take some precautions while installing that driver so that you get proper printing performance. These precautions should be taken to avoid driver conflicts that might occur after installation. Firstly, you should uninstall all the unnecessary or old drivers from your computer. Also, uninstall the previous version of your printer driver so that no duplicate files get created on your computer. We have already shared a printer driver installation guide above and you should follow the installation process mentioned in that guide to make sure that driver conflicts doesn’t happen due to improper driver installation.

Ink Cartridge Details

The ink cartridges for this HP printer come in two sizes: standard and high yield (XL). The standard sized HP 65 Black (N9K02AN) and Tri color (N9K01AN) in cartridges can print up to 100 pages per cartridge. While the high yield HP 65XL Black (N9K04AN) and Tri color (N9K03AN) ink cartridges can print nearly 300 pages per cartridge.

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