The HP Scanjet 2400 is a basic standalone flatbed scanner. This scanner is designed to be used with a desktop computer and supports USB connectivity. The maximum optical resolution supported by this device is up to 1200 dpi and has the ability to scan a full color A4 sized page in almost 45 seconds. The features of this scanner are very basic, but to fully utilize them you must install the scanner by using its driver. What comes in the box? The box contents of this scanner includes a power cord, a connected USB cable and a driver & utilities CD.

Here you can find links to get the HP Scanjet 2400 scanner driver for the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems listed in this guide to driver download. This page contains links to only official HP scanner drivers as well as instructions on how to install them.

HP Scanjet 2400 Scanner

Steps to Download HP Scanjet 2400 Driver

Determine the operating system version where you want to install your HP scanner, then find that OS version in our OS list and use its download button to get your HP Scanjet 2400 scanner driver setup file.

Driver Download Links


How to Install HP Scanjet 2400 Scanner Driver

We have shared installation guides for the HP Scanjet 2400 scanner driver package and the HP Scanjet 2400 scanner INF driver. The installation steps given in our guide are for printer drivers, but you should follow the same steps to install your scanner driver.


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