Using an HP printer through Wi-Fi is a good way to adopt wireless printing technology. Sometimes we face problems while connecting HP wireless printer to the computer. At this time, you need to reset its network settings for a fresh installation. Follow the below-given steps to reset the network settings of various wireless HP printers to restore their default settings so that you can connect it to your computer, phone, iPad, or tablet.

Steps to Reset HP Printer Network settings

Steps to be applied to your printer.

A) For printers without a touch display (Without LCD)

It covers Deskjet, All-in-one, Inkjet printers.

1. Wake the printer from sleep mode by pressing ‘Cancel’ button.

Wake up printer

2. Press and hold the ‘Wireless’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons together for 5 seconds.

Cancel button

3. That’s it, the network settings will be reset successfully.

B) For printers with touch display (With LCD)

1. In the Wireless or Network Settings menu, find and select ‘Restore Network Defaults’ or ‘Restore Network Settings’.

Restore settings

C) For LaserJet Pro printers (With LCD)

1. Press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button until you see ‘ready’ and ‘attention’ lights blinking simultaneously.

Wireless button

D) For Tango / Tango X printers (Without LCD)

1. Press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button on the back of the printer for 5 seconds or till the blue color edge lighting starts rotating.

Wireless button

You have seen 4 types of HP printer reset process. If the above reset process doesn’t work on your HP printer (particular model number) then leave the model number in the comment section down below.

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  1. I have a HP Deskjet 3720 All-In-One Series

    I have recetnly changed my wi-fi router and now the printer doesn’t work.

    How do I change the printer settings so it recognizes the new network and connects to my computer.

    • Download the printer driver from its official website, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. If you cannot find the driver then let me know and I’ll arrange it for you. Also let me know the model number of your printer so that I can send you the complete instructions to install the printer.

  2. Hi, I have a HP Photosmart B110 all-in-one series printer. It now fails to connect to my wireless despite recognising the SSID, and me entering the correct WPA. It has run fine for number of years, and I have not changed anything on the router.
    I ran a test report and it says PASS for everything except “No Filtering – FAIL”.

    I have tried the default reset, but just cannot get it to connect.

    Serial no. CN15H4J2TN

    Grateful for any assistance.

    • I suggest that you reinstall your printer. Uninstall the printer first, then install it again using USB cable and then convert the installation “USB to Wireless” connectivity.

  3. Hi, I have a Laserjet Pro MFP M148dw printer and a HP Color Laserjet Pro M255dw printers. Worked fine with BT Hub router until I changed to Virgin. All handsets, laptop and ipad connects to Virgin wifi and internet. Not so the printers. The wifi indicator blinks in blue with the yellow/amber flasing.
    I have tried everything possible to connect to wifi but failing. Tried even the ethernet connection direct to router but no joy. Can you help please?

    • I suggest that you to reset the network settings using the above given steps. Then uninstall all the printer drivers from the computer. After that reinstall it using latest driver. Please let me know if you are having trouble in finding drivers.

  4. Hi, I have the HP ENVY 6010 printer, I recently moved it from my work to my home and obviously it needs wifi, how do I go about changing the wifi on it?

    • You can reconnect directly with your new WiFi from your printer, but there are some more settings (IP Address settings) that you have to change it in computer which is a lengthy and tricky process. Instead of changing the WiFi settings, why won’t you reinstall your printer from scratch?

  5. HP 5744 will no longer connect to WiFi. Nothing changed ie location, router… I did the network settings reset. Suggestions?

  6. I have an HP Deskjet 2752. We recently reset our wifi and now my printer won’t connect to my computer. I tried pressing the cancel and wireless buttons together a few times but that didn’t work.

    • While resetting your router, the IP address of the router, SSID and password got changed, which is why your printer got disconnected. To fix this issue, you’ll have to reinstall your printer driver from the scratch.


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