Question: What to do when nothing happens after HP driver file extracted? I downloaded printer driver from HP website but it’s not getting installed after getting extracted. HP driver exe extract only, doesn’t run / open.
Answer: If the HP driver setup file that you have downloaded doesn’t start the installation wizard automatically after extracted, then you will have to start manually. Let’s see how to do. Sometimes it happens that the HP driver setup file couldn’t start after extracted. Follow the below given steps to start HP driver installation wizard manually.

How to Fix nothing happens after HP driver file extracted

Follow the following steps to fix this issue.


Method 1:

  1. Double-click on HP driver setup and let it be extracted completely. The installation wizard won’t open automatically, just ignore it. We’ll have to start it manually.
  2. After extracted, press and hold the Windows + R key together from your keyboard to open the RUN command box.
  3. Type %temp% in the “open” field and click on OK. The temp folder will open.
  4. In the temp folder, open the latest HP driver’s folder which begins with 7z (For an example: 7zS406C). See the screenshot below.
  5. Double-click on “HpSetup.exe” / “setup.exe” file. After that, the installation wizard will start installing. Follow its on-screen instruction to complete the installation.

Method 2:

  1. Do right-click on downloaded file and then click on “extract to.” Make sure the zip software should be installed on your computer to get this “Extract to” option. After that, all the files will be extracted to the same location.
  2. Open that extracted folder and then double-click on “HpSetup.exe” / “setup.exe” file.
  3. After that, the installation wizard will start up, follow its on-screen instruction to complete the driver installation.
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Q: hp driver extracts but not installing. Hp printer drivers extract and then do nothing. How to fix this issue?

A: Sometimes the HP driver doesn’t start after extracted automatically. In this case you’ll have to start the installation process manually by execute the hpsetup.exe file from its extracted folder.

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