Canon is a reputed brand in printers and is known for manufacturing high quality and reliable printers. However, like any other mechanical device, Canon printers also develop errors which require urgent attention. One such common error is Canon printer error 5200 (support code). In this guide, we will discuss the cause of this error and also multiple ways to fix Canon printer error 5200 in easy steps. So, read this guide carefully and you will be able to solve this problem with ease.


Why Canon Printer Error 5200 Occurs?

Canon printer error 5200 is primarily caused due to cartridge problems. It can be due to low ink levels in your cartridge, due to faulty cartridge or maybe there is some issues with the logic board of your printer. We know that Canon printers are designed to print in Black even if the Black cartridge goes empty, by using the colors in color ink cartridge. Therefore, if you are seeing error 5200 in the Canon printer, then your printer cartridges are either empty or they are close to empty. Now that you know the cause of this error let’s discuss its solutions.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error code 5200

Primarily, there are three easy solutions for the error 5200 in Canon printer. We have discussed them one-by-one and you should try each of them until this issue is resolved.

Solution 1: Refill all your cartridges / Ink Tank

1. Check the ink levels in your black and colored ink cartridges and get them filled if they are running low on ink.

2. After refilling the Black cartridge, make sure that the color ink cartridge is also filled. Otherwise, you will encounter this error.

Refill Ink

Solution 2: Clean Cartridge / Print Head Manually

  1. Unplug the power cable of your printer and leave your printer like that for 1 hour.

2. Then, take out the ink cartridges from your printer and clean their head properly.

3. Re-insert the cartridges, re-plug the power cable and turn on your printer to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

For more details check out this video tutorial on how to clean the canon printer’s print-head.

clean the print head

Solution 3: Reset your Canon Printer to factory (default) settings

With these steps, we are going to reset printer settings to default settings.

  1. Press ‘ON’ button to switch-off your printer.


2. Wait for the printer to turn-off.


3. Now, press and hold the ‘Stop’ button from your right-hand and simultaneously press and hold the ‘ON’ button from your left hand. Then, release the ‘Stop’ button after 2-3 seconds and keep holding the ‘ON’ button using your left-hand.


4. Next, while holding the ‘ON’ button, press ‘Stop’ button 5 times. Press Stop button on intervals of about 2 seconds and each time you press it, the yellow triangle light below should be switched-on and switched-off.


5. Release all the buttons and you will see that LCD display will show blank, but the ON button will start blinking. This is a sign that your printer is being reset. At this point, your computer may show that it’s installing a new hardware, just ignore that message.



6. Once the ON button stops blinking and constantly shows green light. Press it ones and wait for your printer to switch-off.


7. Remove the cartridges from your printer. Carefully clean the print-head and replace the cartridges back into the printer. Then, press ‘ON’ button to turn-on your printer.

on printer

That’s it. Now, you should try to print and your printer will print normally.

In this article you have learned the 3 tested methods how to solve Error 5200 which usually comes in canon printer. If the issue still hasn’t been fixed in your case, then start the discussion in the comment section download below.


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  1. My Canon G6010 put to print and even without paper, it starts spinning to pull the paper and giving the error 5200. Ink we cartridges filled, hose without air. What can it be?


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