Microsoft releases updates for Windows 10 on a regular basis to fix the new found bugs in the operating system. In a series of these updates, new security updates were released by Microsoft on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. However, many users of Windows 10 are complaining that these updates have bugs which is making them face issues with their printer’s functionality.

Windows 10 updates

How is the bug affecting Windows 10 operating system?

The two updates released by Microsoft which are under scanner for their bugs are KB4560960 and KB4557957. Some users have gone on to say that after installing these updates it has become impossible for them to print from their printer. According to the users, they started experiencing problems as soon as they installed these updates.

The initial complaints from users were reported on the Microsoft Answers forum and on Reddit. From the complaints it’s clear that the issue is affecting various printers, like Canon, Ricoh, Brother, HP and Panasonic. Some users have reported that they are not able to print files as PDFs.

What is Microsoft’s response?

After numerous complaints, Microsoft came into action and has published a notice which accepts that the update KB4557957 can stop some printers from printing. According to the warning issued by Microsoft, users may encounter errors with their print spooler or printer may shut down unexpectedly while they are trying to print.

Also, the app which is being used for printing may close abruptly. Microsoft has confirmed that the problem is not limited to physical printers and this bug can affect software based printers, which means it would be difficult to print PDFs.

What is the solution?

As of now there has been no solution recommended by Microsoft. So, there are two things that users can do. One, the users who are affected by this bug should update the driver of their printer with its latest driver version. Otherwise, the alternate way out is to uninstall the updates which were released on June 9, 2020. Although you can choose to uninstall the newly released updates, you will then have to install a bunch of additional security updates.

Update: Windows has released this bug patch, download it from below and install it according to your Windows 10 version:
How do I check my Windows 10 version?

Patch 1: Download KB4567512 (32bit) / KB4567512 (64bit) for Windows 10 1903

Patch 2: Download KB4567512 (32bit) / KB4567512 (64bit) for Windows 10 1909

Patch 3: Download KB4567513 for Windows 10 1803

Nothing new for Microsoft

Microsoft has assured us that they are working on the solution of these bugs, but the final outcome may take some time. However, users should remember that this is not the first time that something like this has happened. Earlier, Microsoft had confirmed that there were issues found with computers running Windows 10 which had printers connected to them via a USB port. Users who had installed version 1903 or later of Windows 10 were encountering the disappearance of their USB printer port each time they disconnected their printer from the computer or restarted their computer.


Unfortunately, there is no solution for this problem, but there is a workaround solution which we have discussed above. You should know that due to the coronavirus pandemic Microsoft has decided to pause the release of non-security updates. In the meantime, you should keep watching this space as we assure you that we will inform you about the solution as soon as Microsoft releases it officially.

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