Many people are facing this issue that they are unable to print. Actually, when users are clicking on the print button nothing is happening. And some users are getting the message that there are no printers installed, but actually printer is installed and displaying in the control panel.

printer stopped working

What is the cause of the error

This may be associated with the JavaScript engine in Windows 10. The printer spooler service spoolsv.exe might close.  It may also throw error for jscript.dll with exception code 0xc0000005.

How to fix the issue

Actually this is a known bug of Windows 10 update and Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 KB4517389 to fix this issue. hopefully it will resolve the issue easily. If this step is unable to solve the issue then follow the next step.

If your are still unable to print anything from the printer you may try to uninstall the latest updates KB4524147 and / or KB4517211 or any other recently installed update. Updated can be installed later, hopefully till then Microsoft will fix the issue.

If problem still persists then follow this link the printer says “ready,” the system shows it is printing, but nothing happens.



Q: Why is my Xerox WorkCentre 6027 is making a humming noise when I turn it on but want print?

A: Try to make a copy from the printer itself. If it copies well, then it means there is a problem with the drivers. Please consider reinstalling the drivers. If the printer is unable to make a copy, then this could be a sign of a hardware problem. In this scenario, get it repaired from the Xerox guys or from the local printer repair shop.

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